“I remember clearly the first night I attended Cal Beisner’s study on the Ten Commandments. It was a Saturday evening in January 2014. I was going to church each Sunday but simply to check a box, so to speak. My wife invited me to this class about the Ten Commandments, and I figured it would be a good way to meet some of her friends while brushing up on a religious study. Really, I was just trying to win some points with my wife since we had just gotten back together after a separation in our marriage. I figured a few hours with a study about the Ten Commandments couldn’t hurt, so I gave up playing in my regular Saturday evening ice hockey game to go with her that night.

Little did I know that this was just an introduction to the Ten Commandments, not the whole class! But it was incredibly informative, and I took a lot of notes. It wasn’t until the drive home that I began to realize this was not going to be a quick study. Usually, growing up Catholic, as I did, these types of studies were just refreshers, not so in-depth. I remember telling my wife that I didn’t sign up for eleven or twelve weeks of Saturday night Bible studies! Was I going to give up all that time to get more points with my wife and not look bad to her friends? Each ensuing class would be one to two hours on a Commandment, and, subsequently, no hockey!

But the Lord used Cal and that incredible study to save me. As the weeks passed, I began to attend church with my wife, and we couldn’t wait to get to class the next Saturday night to find out, in-depth, what the next Commandment would teach us! I couldn’t get enough of the Word. Every week was meticulously planned, and we had a syllabus to pore over. Soon I began to realize that each Commandment was just as important as the last.

The Lord showed us through Cal’s teaching what Christ had really saved us from: a law that, though holy and righteous and good, we absolutely couldn’t keep! With each passing week, I became more and more certain that I needed the Lord’s saving grace every minute of every day as there was no way I could gain righteousness on my own.

I will never forget the care Cal gave to each Commandment. All of the study references from passages from the Bible were so sure and telling to me!

After one study, I asked Cal, “If we are saved by the Lord’s death on the Cross, then why would we keep any of these Commandments?” Cal simply said, “Out of love and gratitude to the Lord.” That’s been my desire ever since.

As one whose life the Lord changed through Cal’s study on the Ten Commandments, I can wholeheartedly recommend it. As it did mine, it will enlarge your love for God, your thanks for Christ’s saving work on your behalf, and your joy in Spirit-empowered obedience to God’s wonderful law.”

—Scott Hamilton, Miramar, FL