“This is a fascinating, challenging, life-changing, reverent, and God-centered overview of the Ten Commandments and their practical relevance for Christians today. Beisner recovers and re-packages many of the profound insights into biblical moral standards that were discovered and taught in previous generations, but today have largely been lost. Highly recommended!”

—Wayne Grudem, Ph.D., Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies, Phoenix Seminary, Phoenix, AZ

“‘Oh, how I love Your Law!’ ‘My eyes shed streams of tears, because people do not keep Your law!’ Tragically, few people today feel about God’s moral law the way the author of Psalm 119:97, 36, did. That’s because they don’t recognize what a wonderful blessing God gave us, as individuals, families, nations, whole civilizations, and the worldwide Christian church, in His law. But people who listen to Dr. Beisner’s brilliant messages on the Ten Commandments and how God uses them to guide us not only in conduct but most importantly to Jesus Christ as Savior will learn to see the law that way, and, even more important, to know and love Christ better.”

—Rev. Jim Garlow, Pastor, Skyline Church, La Mesa, CA

“In a day when many evangelical Christians are unable to name the ten commandments much less grasp the importance they play in the Christian life, this thorough, clear, and practical study will go a long a way in renewing your delight in God’s law, as well as instill a deeper appreciation for His Son, our Savior, Jesus.”

—Rev. Drew Dinardo, Senior Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Coral Springs, FL

“In these dire days when toxic philosophical and theological fog rolls in over the crumbling moral landscape in the West it is not merely refreshing to breath in the clear, confessional Biblical teaching on the Ten Commandments by a trusted theologian like Dr. Cal Beisner, it is vital.”

—Rev. Dr. Michael Milton, President/CEO, The D. James Kennedy Institute; James
Ragsdale Chair of Missions and Evangelism, Erskine Theological Seminary

“The bedrock of the Bible is the Law of God. Thus, the Christian life draws its vitality from the right understanding and application of God’s Law. We need a right teaching on the Law now more than ever. By leaning on the Westminster Confession of Faith, Dr. Cal Beisner’s teaching strikes a Biblical, Christ-centered, and historically orthodox balance in presenting God’s Law. Christian families and churches will be blessed by the teaching.”

— Rev. Dr. Michael Milton, President/CEO, The D. James Kennedy Institute; James
Ragsdale Chair of Missions and Evangelism, Erskine Theological Seminary

“Here is a very substantial deep analysis yet very practical exposition of The Ten Commandments—both for pastors and new believers—that shows the implications of each commandment in the whole of the Bible and their usefulness for Christian living. This series is noteworthy because Dr. Beisner shows with great care who is the person of God who reveals the law to us. Thus in reading the Law it is not dry legalism but a text in which we meet the loving person of the Lawgiver.”

—Rev. Peter Jones, Ph.D., Executive Director, truthXchange; Emeritus
Professor of New Testament, Westminster Theological Seminary, Escondido, CA

“My friend Cal Beisner has done it again by gifting the Church and honoring the law-giving Lord in this crucial series: succinct, yet not simplistic; solid, yet not sectarian; timely, yet not trendy; detailed, yet still doxological—the grace of law for human flourishing is displayed in this excellent, and edifying, project.”

—Jeffery J. Ventrella, J.D., Ph.D., Senior Counsel, Senior Vice-President, Training, Alliance Defending
Freedom; Featured History Channel Commentator, 10 Commandments Documentary; Scottsdale, AZ

“Dr. Calvin Beisner has a unique role to play as the founder and leading spokesman of the Cornwall Alliance. In his new series on the moral law of God, he provides fresh and thought-provoking insights of the cosmology on which the law is based. He draws on the ground-breaking work of Dr. Peter Jones and does so with the prayer that this series will be used by God to bring Biblical reformation and revival to the world in which we live—beginning with repentance, trust in Christ, and Spirit-empowered obedience in the church.”

—Jerry F. O’Neill, D.D., President and Professor of Pastoral Theology,
Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh, PA

“The Ten Commandments are the great distillation of the God’s moral vision for his people. What does it mean to “be holy” because the Lord is holy? It looks like the Ten Commandments. What does it mean to love God and neighbor? It looks like the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments are at the core of God’s revelation of Himself and serve as a solid foundation for the individual and for society. In this excellent video series Cal Beisner is a faithful guide to these treasured words. Weaving together important insights from the ancient Near Eastern culture, a close reading of the Scripture, and broad theological insights, Cal brings clarity to the meaning and application of each commandment in today’s culture. I highly recommend this study.”

—J. Michael Thigpen, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Evangelical Theological Society; Associate Professor
of Old Testament and Semitics, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University, La Mirada, CA

“I am pleased to recommend this new lecture series by Cal Beisner as a resource for churches, schools, and small groups. I can think of nothing more relevant or more important than understanding what our Creator reveals about moral reality. Not what different cultures believe. Not what a person necessarily feels or experiences. Not what seems to work out. Not what most people accept. But rather what truly is right and wrong whatever any of us says because it is what God says. Nothing in life is more controversial. But nothing in life also is more important—both now and forever. This lecture series discusses the Ten Commandments, which are the heart of God’s moral revelation. Those who understand these ten “words” from God gain insight into the moral reality structuring everything God says and does and governing everything we can ever say and do as well. That is because the moral reality ordering all Creation in the Old Testament is the same moral reality that orders all Creation in the New Testament, is the same moral reality that orders all Creation for us now. Beisner has done an excellent job explaining each of the Ten Commandments and does it in a way regular people can easily understand and apply.”

—Daniel R. Heimbach, Senior Professor of Christian Ethics, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

“I rejoice that Cal Beisner has taken up the challenge of renewing Christians and their churches in love for God’s Law. Here we discover the good works before ordained that we should walk in them, and here we tread the path Jesus tread, the path of Kingdom greatness (Eph. 2.10; 1 Jn. 2.1–6; Matt. 5.17–19). I pray God’s richest blessings on this effort.”

—Rev. T.M. Moore, The Fellowship of Ailbe

“A helpful and practical teaching on a profound passage of Holy Scripture. Every Christian, every church, will benefit by Beisner’s delightful series on the Ten Commandments.”

—Rev. Lou Veiga, Senior Pastor, Covenant Presbyterian Church, Houston, TX

“Dr. Beisner gives a thoughtful, captivating study that engages with Biblical teaching and even cultures beyond the Bible—definitely the best I have ever seen”

—James A. Borland, Ph.D., Professor of Theology, Liberty University

“Dr. Beisner gives a thoughtful, captivating study that engages with Biblical teaching and even cultures beyond the Bible—definitely the best I have ever seen”

—James A. Borland, Ph.D., Professor of Theology, Liberty University

“One of the great truths that have been lost in the past 100 years in America is the teaching on the Ten Commandments as they apply to our modern culture. It should be no surprise that lawlessness prevails in our nation today. Dr. E. Calvin Beisner presents in this video series a balanced understanding of the right purpose and application of God’s moral law. If America has a future, it must be based on the whole gospel of Christ, wherein law and grace are rightfully defined, defended, and implemented. I highly recommend this video series.”

—Kenneth Gary Talbot, Ph.D., President, Whitefield Theological Seminary and College, Lakeland, FL

“Timing is everything. Now is an ideal time for those of faith to strengthen their knowledge of the Ten Commandments. The James Partnership has created a monumental piece of work that is Biblically sound, well thought out, and solidly written. This 23-part DVD series will challenge you and encourage you in your faith. I highly recommend it.”

—Rev. Erik Myhrberg, Ph.D., Former Military Chaplain, Tactical Federal Chaplain

“Your soul will thrill with what you will experience in this series. The devil has always been a spoiler of joy … and we live in a world where people hate the law of God—the very thing that brings delight to the soul. This series will make you sing, “O how I love thy law,” and your joy will be increased as the Law of God “rejoices the heart.””

—Rev. Scott Brown, Director, National Center for Family-Integrated
Churches; Pastor, Hope Baptist Church, Wake Forest, NC

“Dr. Beisner has once again made an invaluable contribution to the Church with his new series on the Ten Commandments. It is brimming with fresh insights and presents a timely message to the postmodernism enveloping our culture and impacting the faith community. I found particularly helpful his distinctions between ceremonial, moral and civil law, framed with practical illustrations which made the truths presented compelling. I highly commend these lessons to both clergy and laity.”

—Rick Scarborough, Founder, Vision America, Nacogdoches, TX

“Modern evangelicals have largely neglected God’s Law—to the great impoverishment of their happiness, sanctification, witness, and cultural influence. Cal Beisner provides a needed remedy for that deficit in this eye-opening, relevant series.”

—John Rabe, Director of Creative Production, D. James Kennedy
Ministries; Elder, New Life Baptist Church, Davie, FL

“Dr. Beisner first presented this series at Palm Vista Community Church, and I had the privilege of sitting in on each class. The teachings are theologically profound and pastorally compelling. The greatest endorsement I can offer is that God in His merciful providence used these teachings to bring a dear friend to faith in Christ.”

—Rev. Al Pino, Pastor, Palm Vista Community Church, Miami Lakes, FL

“In recent years, the United States Army has attempted to address the highly publicized moral failings of several senior ranking leaders and general officers. The result has been a reinforcement of the Army Values and the development of the Army Ethic. Although commendable, these efforts cannot answer a question that could be posed by even its most junior member, “Why?” Why does the Army value these particular traits and not others? Could this ethical code change, or “evolve,” in the future? The inability to ground its ethical system in something permanent haunts the Army and, for that matter, every other attempt to build an ethic without a transcendent foundation.

Cal Beisner’s teaching series on the Ten Commandments provides this missing key. This beautiful exposition of the law of God makes clear the tremendous gift our Creator has revealed for us in the Decalogue. It is that transcendent touchpoint, one that cannot and will not change, that allows the creature to build an ethic that covers his dealings both with fellow creatures and with his Creator. Moreover, because this law is written on his heart, it answers the question as to why we, as societies, families, and even an Army, seem to accept certain behaviors to be unethical regardless of their context.

Cal’s presentation on this most important subject, by highlighting this divine gift, is itself a gift to all who desire a greater understanding of themselves, their fellow man, and their God.”

—Chaplain (Major) Eric W. Leetch, U.S. Army, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA

“I wish I’d had this series when I was preaching through the Ten Commandments! Cal Beisner has given us a treasure trove of relevant information on the Ten Commandments including their historical and contextual background and their significance for today. In addition, he has shown us how to communicate what they are as well as how and why they matter to interested lay people. No doubt in a project of this breadth some will haggle over a point here or there, but this is a big step forward. I heartily welcome it and recommend it to you.”

—Robert Stewart, Ph.D., Professor of New Testament, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

““What does God require of me?” For people of conscience, there is no more basic question. Yet convicted or confused, we also ask: “Where can I turn to hear God’s answer?” We could sum the answer in a phrase: “the revealed will of God,” that is, “the commandments of God.” That’s why a close study of God’s Ten Commandments like Cal Beisner’s is so valuable, especially when you use the study guide with the videos. Confident that God has actually revealed His will to us in those commandments, Cal’s sure-footed reflections help us find God’s cure for our confusion—and the good news that Christ, who kept the law for us sinners, invites us to enter by faith into His rest for our consciences too!”

—Rev. R. Fowler White, Ph.D., Senior Pastor, Valley Presbyterian Church, Lutherville, MD

“In this lecture series Dr. Beisner wisely and carefully navigates his audience into a deep appreciation of God’s nature and character as the ground, source, and hope both of the 10 Commandments and of the abundant life that results from following them. I am happy to recommend this enlightening journey into God and His glorious moral character.”

—Mark Liederbach, Ph.D., Professor of Theology, Ethics, and Culture,
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC

“In this lecture series Dr. Beisner wisely and carefully navigates his audience into a deep appreciation of how the 10 Commandments reveal God’s glorious nature as well as how they function as the ground, source, and hope of the abundant life Jesus promised in John 10:10.”

—Mark Liederbach, Ph.D., Professor of Theology, Ethics, and Culture,
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC

“Nowhere is the evidence of mankind fleeing headlong away from God clearer than in the radical environmental movement. But by focusing too closely on the minutiae and the machinations of the debate—especially the political debate—many miss the far greater theological, sociological, and philosophical implications of this movement.”

—Frank Wright, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer,
D. James Kennedy Ministries, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“Many, for example, would be shocked to learn that radical environmentalism is first and foremost an idolatrous worldview seeking to escape any accountability before God. Only in light of this understanding can the public policy aims of the movement be fully understood. Diametrically opposed to this idolatrous environmentalism, and standing on the firm foundation of Scripture, is a biblical worldview organized on the principle of creation care as a stewardship obligation established for us by God.”

—Frank Wright, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer,
D. James Kennedy Ministries, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“Radical and idolatrous environmentalism is not going away any time soon, largely because it is a component part of a larger secular worldview seeking to drive every vestige of religious expression from the public square. Yet the church has not been fully equipped to bring truth to bear against the false and utopian promises of secularism.”

—Frank Wright, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer,
D. James Kennedy Ministries, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“Enter our friends at the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation. They rightly argue that the starting place for understanding creation is in knowing the character of the Creator—with that character expressed in startling clarity through the Ten Commandments. Dr. E. Calvin Beisner is the Founder and National Spokesman of the Cornwall Alliance. His video series on the Ten Commandments is an excellent resource for any believer desiring to be better equipped to speak truth into a culture desperately in need of it. Through Dr. Beisner’s powerful teaching, you will come to know God better and be better able to glorify Him, as you learn to shine the light of truth on a world steeped in darkness.”

—Frank Wright, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer,
D. James Kennedy Ministries, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“Cal Beisner has produced a first-rate DVD series on the Ten Commandments that will work wonderfully in churches, small groups, schools and families. These lectures communicate solid Christ-centered theology in a comprehensible way, and are full of pastoral wisdom, heart-searching application and contemporary illustrations. You’ll come away with a better understanding of God’s law and a greater love for Jesus Christ.”

—Ted Hamilton, Senior Pastor, New Life Presbyterian Church (PCA), Escondido, CA

“Dr. Beisner’s series on the 10 commandments is educational, inspirational and highly practical. Every lesson is filled with wonderful insights and practical applications derived from careful scriptural interpretation. Drawing on theology, history and helpful illustrations, Dr. Beisner’s lessons both inform and challenge his audience. My response from each lesson was a heart opened wide to God! Dr. Beisner’s love for God and his reverence for God’s Word is clearly evident in every session and he has provided me and my family, and my ministry, with a valuable tool for discipleship. I highly recommend this series and I pray that it will find wide acceptance among God’s people!”

—Chris Cunningham, Team Leader, International Student Ministry, Penn State (a ministry of Cru)

“Cherishing the Ten Commandments is not exactly the favorite pastime of many churchgoers, let alone of society as a whole. Cal Beisner has taken an excellent step to remedy this situation in his video series on the subject. The fish (ichtus) has been a symbol of Christianity for millennia. Well, anyone who wishes to identify himself with this symbol had better take to the rich, oxygenated water of the Ten Commandments as his permanent habitat. After all, without holiness no one will see the Lord (Hebrews 12:14). Cal carefully explains the wording of each commandment and shows its far-ranging and perennial significance for church and society. After all, the Ten Commandments have correctly been described as “the only garment that fully covers, protects, and enriches the body of mankind!””

—Rev. Dr. Henry Krabbendam, Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies, Covenant College; Missionary to Uganda

“Dr. Beisner has crafted a fine study from which all Christians could grow. The Ten Commandments God gave Moses are quite radical when compared to truly pagan notions of good and evil, and they are liberating for any culture that embraces them. This in-depth study can open our eyes to the powerful effect these Laws have had on the West, an effect we take for granted in our post-Christian culture.”

—John Mason Hodges, Director, Center for Western Studies, Memphis, TN

“The Law of God, while it has no saving power, is a God–designed instrument of power.  Calvin Beisner has produced for us an exposition of the Ten Commandments that is far reaching and highly engaging. Enjoy it, because as you do the majesty of God will become greater, the love of God will become overwhelming, and the grace of God will again be amazing.”

—Rev. Dr. Harry Reeder, Pastor, Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, AL

“Provocative, deep, and meaty. Cal Beisner provides a wonderful exploration of how the Ten Commandments are foundational to the Christian life and the way we should view the world.”

—John G. West, Ph.D., Editor, The Magician’s Twin: C.S. Lewis on Science, Scientism, and Society

““I’m a good person,” most Americans reply casually when asked about the issue of eternity. But that’s not true. So unaware of God’s standard, they are lost in a mire of group comparison that doesn’t take into count the ‘more excellent way’ God has proscribed. God’s ways are neither dull nor boring for they bring abundant life, not drudgery. Move over Charlton Heston. Cal Beisner makes that clear in this fun but powerful series on the Ten Commandments.”

—Sandy Rios, Director of Governmental Affairs, American Family
Association; Host, Sandy Rios in the Morning, AFR Talk